Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 4, 2013, Celebration at the Key Bridge Marriott

Months before CVV's visit, we decided to seek a place to celebrate the 4th that would avoid the heat, crowds, and security restrictions on the Mall. Remembering that the Key Bridge Marriott has good views of the monuments and the river, we reserved a room there, which the hotel upgraded to a nice one bedroom suite overlooking Georgetown U.

Our friend & neighbor, Jan, and her family and friends joined us for a fine evening of picnic foods, wine, beer, and lemonade. When it was time to watch the fireworks, we went upstairs to the ballroom for the best view.


Our view across the river to Georgetown University

CVV loved those chicken wings, and Bill enjoyed her delight.

Jamie and Alan


Top floor ballroom view of the fireworks

CVV and Bill hit it off

Alan and Jan

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