Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 13, 2013, Lincoln's Summer Cottage and tea at the Mayflower Hotel

President Lincoln and his family spent several summers on the grounds of the "Soldiers' Home" off North Capitol Street. It is a gorgeous spot that in the 1860s had a full view of the city and the Potomac River, now obscured by huge trees. Each day Mr. Lincoln rode on horseback the few miles up and down the hill to and from the White House. Apparently he was usually unescorted, but once people learned of his habits, he was accosted with entreaties every day.

The cottage was recently restored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and it's shown without furnishings to allow each visitor to envision it as she/he wishes.

After the tour, we drove over to the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Avenue, one of CDV's favorites, for tea. It was a lovely tea, despite the fact that the gorgeous old dining room has now been converted to a private rental space, so all food is served in the "Edgar Bar," named for FBI Chief, J. Edgar Hoover, who ate lunch in the former dining room nearly every day.

back entrance where visitors enter

"Soldiers' Home" Grounds today. Peaceful and beautiful. Across the street from a huge Civil War cemetery.

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